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JUNG 1- hour webinars 2020

JUNG Specialist training on different topics and product areas under qualified supervision. See below what Jung cover and get involved now!

"Colour Rush" – Webinar for architects

27th May, 2020
8am - 9am BST

One hour in a rush of colours. Jung will refresh your knowledge of colours. You will get relevant input on the use of colours in architecture and will learn, inter alia, how Le Corbusier arrived at its concept of Polychromie Architecturale. Examples of successful projects in architecture, interior design and urban planning show how colour schemes adapted to the building installation’s design can contribute to a successful overall concept.

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1. JUNG New items 2020 - Part 1

28th May, 2020
1pm - 2pm BST

In this first webinar, Jung will present the NEW items that have recently been launched.

Watch the video and learn more about the new Power Supply (320 mA) with IP interface which combines both functions simultaneously. There's also a smart range of USB sockets and charges to get to grips with.

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2. Smart Visu Server

9th June, 2020
9am - 10am BST

The JUNG Smart Visu Server is not a new product but it has been upgraded to include easy to set up processes for SONOS and Voice Recognition skills and actions. This webinar covers the configuration of the Smart Visu Server in the network and shows how it is set up. How are actions created and how does the email notification work? Take part and get to know the JUNG Smart Visu Server.

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3. LB Management - The clever module

17th June, 2020
9am - 10am BST

In this webinar, Jung kick off with a system overview.

1. Which lighting and blind inserts does the LB Management system offer? 

2. Which Design covers and accessories are available, such as switches, dimmers and satellite units?

Here you will learn all about the basic functions of the system according to the modular principle. The session ends with a demonstration of how the LB Management can be put into operation via the Clever Config app.

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4. Secure installations with KNX Webinar

24th June, 2020
1pm - 2pm BST

In this webinar Jung will cover the hardware and software measures offered by KNX Secure.


You will learn how easy it is to install JUNG components which are KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure. From wiring to the setup in ETS: Jung gives you the important principles for using KNX Secure.

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