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"BEMCO stands out because it's not just about tutors; they have a dedicated network of active engineers. The unique support system, involving professionals who work on projects daily, is invaluable post-training. Beyond the classroom, their ongoing assistance is what truly guides you through those initial projects – a crucial resource often overlooked once formal training concludes."

Ben D.

Inspire AV

"A fantastic experience! The tutor is excellent, providing abundant knowledge. The gradual progression from KNX basics to advanced concepts is incredibly helpful. The five-day structure is well-organized and enjoyable. Highly recommend, especially if you're keen to explore KNX like many successful integrators."

Jamie H.

Titanium Automation

"Enrolling in the HVAC course complements our customer offerings. With a solid business and marketing plan in play, we're strategically advancing our services. This course ensures we stay at the forefront of technology, enhancing our offerings and ensuring our solutions are robust."

Rakesh Patel

Smart Ohms Group

What sets this course apart is not just the quality of the equipment but the invaluable wealth of personal KNX experience that Gordon brings to the table. His insights and real-world knowledge added a layer of practicality to the theoretical aspects, making the learning process engaging and impactful. I genuinely enjoyed the course, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their skills in panel building within the KNX framework.

Nenad S. (Navas Global)

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Watch our insightful video testimonial featuring our previous expert builders. Don't miss out on this firsthand glimpse into KNX Panel Building.

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