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KNX Training at BEMCO

Why KNX?

Our 1/2 day Free KNX introduction seminar is an ideal opportunity for technical and non-technical minds to learn more about KNX and work out if it's right for your business.

The FREE introduction seminar is held at our flagship Wandsworth branch and is open to ALL.

What is KNX at BEMCO ?

KNX is the world’s only open standard for home and building control that has been adopted, at last count, by 500 Manufacturers from 190 different Countries. Together these manufacturers provide customers with a vast range of choice for KNX-certified products. These devices and components enable a single system solution (combining lighting, heating, blinds / shutters, security systems, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, signalling and monitoring systems, remote control, metering, audio / video control etc) on one platform.

What Are The Key Advantages of KNX at BEMCO ?

See our Top 10 reasons why you should consider KNX for your business::

KNX is the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control
KNX has been approved as an European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1), International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3), Chinese Standard (GB/Z 20965) and US Standard ( ANSI/ASHRAE 135).
KNX Product Certification guarantees Interoperability & Interworking of products
The KNX certification process ensures that different products of different manufacturers used in different applications operate and communicate with each other. This ensures a high degree of flexibility in the extension and in the modification of installations. Product compliance is checked at neutral laboratories (third parties) – meaning that all components are tested against uniform standards to maintain the highest quality control.
KNX stands for high product quality
KNX Association requires a high level of production and quality, therefore all manufacturing members have to show compliance to ISO 9001 before they even can apply for a KNX product certification. KNX Association is even entitled to have certified products retested or can require from the manufacturer test reports underlying his declaration of hardware conformity.
A unique manufacturer independent Engineering tool Software ETS5®
The PC software tool ETS allows the planning, engineering and configuration of all KNX certified products. The tool is manufacturer independent: the system integrator is able to combine products of different manufacturers to one installation.
KNX can be used for all application in home and building control
KNX can be used for all possible functions / applications in home and building control ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more, while improving comfort and security and contributing heavily to energy savings and climate protection.

KNX is fit for use in different kinds of buildings

KNX can be used in both new as well as existing buildings. KNX installations can therefore be easily extended and adapted to new needs, with little time and financial investment. KNX can be installed in both small-size single family houses as well as large buildings (office, hotel, conference centres, hospitals, schools, department stores, warehouses, airports...).

KNX supports different configuration modes
KNX offers two different modes for the realization of KNX projects:
Easy installation (E-Mode): Configuration is done without the help of a PC but with a central controller, code wheels or push buttons.
System installation (S-Mode): Planning of the installation and configuration is done via a PC with the installed ETS Software, it's intended for KNX certified planners and contractors and for large size installations.

KNX supports different communication media
Each communication medium can be used in combination with one or more configuration modes, allowing each manufacturer to choose the right combination for the targeted market segment and application.
KNX can be coupled to other systems
Several KNX manufacturers offer gateways to other networks, i.e. to other building automation systems eg Crestron / Lutron / Control4 / AMX, multimedia networks, IP networks, etc. KNX systems can be mapped to BACnet objects (as documented in the international standard ISO 16484-5) or offers the possibility to interface with the DALI technology.
KNX is Independent from any hardware or software technology
KNX can be realised on any microprocessor platform. There is no recurring license fee or annual subscription.

Why Choose KNX at BEMCO For Your Business?

The Smart home market will continue to be one the fastest growth areas in the building trade. It is expected to be just under 1 Billion dollars (£800 million) in the UK this year alone and is expected to grow at just under 30% annually to 2021, reaching a household penetration of 40%.

Most of the audience will be well aware of the opportunities that exist in the GREY Home Entertainment market, but look at the GREEN Energy Management, the ORANGE Assisted Living and the BLUE for Home Automation. That’s a big opportunity for KNX – which can bring you in to so many other areas.

AV companies need to recruit permanent Sparks on to their books so they can expand their business, before the Sparks take their business away from them.

The Spark can be the Match Winner…

Home Automation Market

KNX Installers ("Partners")

The KNX Association saw a 30% increase in Certified KNX installers (Partners) across 160 Countries. A total of 7,344 – of which the UK was 11th/12th.

The worldwide standard is expanding fast - quickest in Germany/Austria/Spain/France/Italy – also in China/Switzerland/Belgium/Greece/ Holland, as well as USA, South America, NZ, Australia, Middle East

Come and find out for yourself what it’s all about - come to one of our FREE KNX 'Taster' seminars!