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KNX HVAC Specialist Course

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation with KNX at BEMCO

Not got time to do the 5 day KNX Advanced course? But need to go further than the Basic (Partner) course takes you, to cover HVAC related matters?
Then consider the 2-day HVAC training course, hosted here at the Bemco KNX Training centre here in Wandsworth.

The new course will broaden your knowledge of heating, cooling and ventilation issues and provide you with a wide range of practical exercises and give you much deeper understanding of control and regulation.

The course covers the following topics:

Basics of temperature, heat, thermal energy, thermal capacity, humidity, dew point, formation of condensation and its consequences

Heat distribution systems - Thermal comfort, temperature profiles, heat distribution systems, heat pumps, heating surfaces, heat meters

Heat generators - Operation of mini Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants and heat pumps, solar heat, conventional heat generators, domestic water heating

Advanced understanding of Control and Regulation - Continuous-action and switching controllers, practical setting of the control parameters (not just for individual room thermostats)

Heating control - Regulation of flow temperature and room temperature, significance of hydraulic balancing
Domestic water heating - Storage / flow-through principles, avoidance of legionella, heat exchangers
Increase in energy efficiency - Individual room temperature control dependant on room usage, influence of flow temperature, influence of domestic water temperature, influence of pressure of the circulating pump
KNX interfaces / gateways for heat generators

You will develop an in depth knowledge and understanding of HVAC applications in both the home and BMS environment using KNX.
You will become familiar with key HVAC terms, contexts and typical HVAC components and put the theory to practice using practical examples.
You will be technically qualified to communicate with HVAC Manufacturers and Specialists.

After passing the final exam, you will receive the official KNX certificate

The course is only open to KNX Integrators who have completed the KNX Partner (Basic) course

Forthcoming Dates For Our KNX at BEMCO HVAC Course:

All KNX HVAC courses are held at:

Wandsworth Bridge South
SW18 1TN

2024 Dates:

Feb 6th - 7th February 2024

June 4th - 5th June 2024

Oct 1st - 2nd October 2024 TBC

How to Sign Up?
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