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KNX webinars recording for BEMCO customers throughout JULY

We've teamed up with UK based System Integrators and leading KNX Manufacturers to offer a series of Zoom webinars in July.

You can now watch the recording now on our youtube channel. 

Meet the KNX UK President

"Meet the new KNX UK President: Paul Foulkes (Theben, KNX Manager)"

- What KNX UK is for

- The relationship with KNX.org. 

- The value that KNX UK can provide Integrators, Members, Distributors alike. 

- The President's thoughts/plans for the 18 months ahead. 

Zennio Webinar: Z41

Zennio Webinar : Z41 Agenda

- Product Overview

- Lite vs. Pro vs. COM

- Functionalities

- ETS Configuration

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Theben Webinar: Heating Control

- Overview of actuator options

- Valves

- Setting up in ETS

- Parameterisation and group objects

- Demonstration with ETS

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Jung Webinar

JUNG Webinar Agenda

- Introduction/ Design Success

- AR Video/ Video of Wall Box Installation

- Real Project/ Q&A

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Kaiser Webinar

Kaiser Webinar Agenda:

- Introduction about the basic boxes and their installation habits / Why the Installation is so easy !

- Special KAISER Product portfolio with solutions for KNX devices-Electronic boxes

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Zennio Webinar: Support

Zennio Webinar: Support Agenda

-Support Platform

-Project Support (Remote)

-Local Support in the UK

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Tense Webinar: Switches

Tense webinar Agenda

- Staple products

- New Products

- Xillo wallboxes

- Q&A

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ABB Webinar: Residential KNX Offering

Learn about ABB’s market leading KNX solutions, that enhance integrators offerings to their residential clients; while reducing space and costs.

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BAB Technologie Webinar

BABtechnologie webinar Agenda




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Zennio Webinar: ALLinBOX

Zennio Webinar: ALLinBOX 1612 / 88 Agenda

-Product Overview

-Modules Explanation

-Configuration Possibilities

-ETS Configuration

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Divus Webinar

Divus Webinar Agenda 

- Introduction to DIVUS

- Overview of product range

- Focus on unique product DIVUS KNX IQ

- Q&A

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Siemens Webinar: Healthy Room Control

Siemens Webinar Agenda 

- Key elements to a healthy building

- Types of sensors and hardware needed

- ETS project and hardware solution

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Theben Webinar: Lighting Control and DALI

Theben Webinar: Lighting Control and DALI Overview of lighting installations


The Theben DALI gateway plus

Product description and physical characteristics

Detectors, ETS

The commercial arguments and Q&A

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ABB Webinar: Commercial KNX Offering

Learn how ABB’s leading guest room and commercial solutions, can give integrators the edge in providing the best in smart solutions across mixed use buildings.

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Siemens LOGO! with KNX

- Introduction and history

- Overview of functionality, with a mix of video/live demo.

- Simple installation, minimum wiring, user-friendly programming

- Example of when and how to make best use of LOGO! with KNX

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Steinel Webinar: True Presence and Multisensor

- Introduction to Steinel

- Overview of the True Presence and Multisensor

- Technology capabilities via KNX- KNX ETS Integration

- Q&A

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