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Window Contact

Window Contact

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Part Number: 5WG1290-7AB11

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Window Contact

Product- and Applications Description

The proximity switch is provided as an opening alarm for monitoring windows and doors. It is operated in a contactless manner by a separate permanent magnet. If the clearance between the proximity switch and the magnet increases, the reed contact opens.

It records the status (open or closed). This information is transferred to a KNX system via binary reporting inputs. The analysis of these states is used, for example, for an energy-optimised heating and climate control system, as well as for safety functions to monitor the building shell in risk reporting systems.

The proximity switch is provided in a set, consisting of:

  • 1 magnet, Ø 8 × 30 mm
  • 1 magnetic contact, Ø 8 × 30 mm in an encapsulated plastic housing, with a 5 m lead cable LiYY 4 × 0.14 mm²
  • 2 × housing tops (43 × 12 × 12) mm
  • 2 × housing bottoms
  • 4 × distance plates 2 × 4 mm or 2 × 2 mm thickness
  • 2 x building-in flanges
  • 4 × anti-magnetic recess plate screws
  • DIN 7982-ST2, 9 × 16-A2

The set is available in white or brown.
door/window contact set 290, white: 5WG1 290-7AB11
door/window contact set 290, brown: 5WG1 290-7AB81

The proximity switch is cast into a housing and in this way is protected against dust and moisture.

It is inset into (built-in) or mounted on (built-on) window and door frames made from non-magnetic materials. Accordingly, the magnet contact and magnet are mounted in parallel or facing each other in the window frame / door leaf or window sill / door frame.

Mounting on ferromagnetic materials is only permitted with the use of the housing incl. distance plates. The housing should only be fixed with anti-magnetic screws.

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