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The KNX IP BAOS 777 is the logical continuation of the proven KNX IP BAOS series including the KNX IP BAOS 771 and 772. The device is based on a completely newly developed platform with a new design.

Not only the functions and resources of the BAOS protocol were extended, but also a web server was integrated which allows the visualization and control via a Web browser. Thus, the KNX IP BAOS 777 performs the leap from application-specific interface for comprehensive IP Gateway for KNX installations.

Powerful and universal

The KNX IP BAOS 777 is a very compact (2TE) and yet very powerful IP device for the KNX bus. Despite the small installation width, the device features a graphic display with menu navigation.

The KNX IP BAOS 777 combines the function of a KNX IP interface with the function of a universal IP gateways for building control. It connects the KNX bus with the existing IP infrastructure. The integrated web server enables the visualization and control of buildings, rooms and functions via a standard web browser on a PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The configuration is done with the ETS software.

Via the BAOS protocol (e.g. via Web services), the device also enables a technical interfaceto the KNX installation. This allows the rapid integration of non-KNX devices in a KNX network.

Programming Interface

The KNX IP BAOS 777 can be used as interface to the KNX Bus on the telegram level. It is compatible with the KNXnet/IP specification and can be used as bus interface for ETS or other programs that support the KNXnet/IP Tunnelling. It supports up to 8 simultaneous connections.

Visualization and Control

The KNX IP BAOS 777 has an integrated web server that allows access to the device settings in a web browser on a PC or a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet:

With the help of the ETS product entry with building structure and the integrated web server the device also offers visual representations of the entire KNX installation. The data from the residential gateway are graphically displayed in the browser and the functions can be operated directly. Timers are also available via the web server.

Residential Gateway

The KNX system is based on a specific protocol that is difficult to implement for non-KNX devices. The KNX IP BAOS 777 maps KNX data to an IT-friendly API (Application Programming Interface). It greatly reduces the effort to connect e.g. control or visualization tools to KNX. Also helpful is the storage of all data point values - even if the client device is not connected.

The KNX BAOS architecture not only allows access to the run-time data, but also to the structure of the KNX installation. All information about rooms in a building and the available functions can be read as metadata from a client. With the ETS, the rooms and the functions are defined, which should be available to the user.

Application specific Gateway

To connect to non-KNX systems, the KNX IP BAOS 777 can be used as an application specific Gateway (e.g. to connect heating devices, audio applications and many more). In this case the generic ETS product entry (with up to 2000 data points) can be used for development purposes. Of course, individual product entries can be developed. The datapoint types can be individually configured via ETS parameters.

Technical data

Mechanical Data

  • Housing: plastic
  • DIN rail mounted device, width: 2 TE
  • Weigth: approx 90 g


  • Four keys for on device settings


  • OLED display
  • KNX programming LED
  • Status LEDs at the RJ45


  • Device Model System B
  • compatible with ETS 4.2 (or higher)
  • Max. Communication Objects: 2000 (with generic database)
  • Max. Group addresses: 2000


  • 100BaseTX (100Mbit/s)
  • Supported internet protocols ARP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP and DHCP
  • KNXnet/IP Protocols: Core, Device Management, Tunneling
  • Max. Tunneling Connections: 8
  • KNX BAOS Binary Protocol V2.1
  • KNX BAOS Web Services (JSON)
  • Max. BAOS Connections: 10

Power supply

  • External power supply 12-30 V DC
  • Alternative: Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Power consumption: < 1,5 W


  • KNX connector
  • LAN RJ-45 socket
  • Power supply connector

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