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Universal radio transmitter mini

Universal radio transmitter mini

Price: £62.05 Exc VAT

Part Number: FMUS2UP

Description technical Spec

eNet universal radio transmitter mini


Intended use

  • Transmitter for radio communication of switching, dimming, blind movement and scene commands
  • Activation by push-button, switch, shutter push-button, shutter switch or other devices with push-button contact or switching contact
  • Mounting in appliance box according to DIN 49073
  • Mounting in surface-mounted housing or built-in housing (ref.-no. FM-EBG) for false ceilings

Product characteristics

  • Detection of voltage levels and changes on the input
  • Settable transmission behaviour
  • Connection for signal lamp - e.g. for connection of push-buttons with separate signal contact (ref.-no. 534 U)
  • Display of transmission status with status LED or signal lamp

Operating modes, settable with operating mode switch

  • 1-gang switching/dimming/blind
  • 1-gang automatic function
  • 2-gang switching/dimming/push-button
  • 2-gang automatic function

Can be set with eNet server

  • Scenes: All On, All Off, individual scenes
  • 2-gang blind
  • Operation locks
  • Setup connections enabled/disabled
  • Status for restraint
  • Repeater function
  • Update of the device software

Single- and dual-area operation

The operation of functions or electrical consumers depends on the application and the connected components.
The operation of the usual switching function follows if switches are connected.

Two operating modes are used when push-buttons are connected:

  • Single-area operation - lighting: Switching lighting on or off or dimming it brighter/darker takes place alternately when the appropriate button is pressed repeatedly
  • Dual-area operation - lighting: Two buttons form a function pair. Pressing the left button switches or dims lighting on or brighter, pressing the right one switches it off or makes it darker
  • Single-area operation - blind: Upward or downward movement takes place alternately when the appropriate button is pressed repeatedly
  • Dual-area operation - blind: Two buttons form a function pair. Pressing the left button moves a blind upwards, pressing the right one moves it downwards

Status indication

  • Status LED/signal lamp on: transmission active
  • Status LED/signal lamp flashes quickly for 5 seconds: transmission faulty

Operating light

  • Switch: Short press on button
  • Dim: Long press on the button. The dimming process ends when the button is released

Operating blind

  • Move blind: Long press on button
  • Stop or adjust blind: Short press on button

Operating push-button actuator

  • Push-button: The load is switched on for the duration of the button-press

Recalling scenes

  • Press button briefly

Actuators switch to the saved scene.

  • Set new scene values
  • Press the button for longer than 4 seconds

Actuators first switch to the saved scene value and save the new scene value after 4 seconds.

Save switch-on brightness

With dimmer actuators a brightness value can be saved to which the dimmer actuator switches after a short button press.
Only for dual-area operation.

  • Set required switch-on brightness
  • Press both buttons simultaneously for longer than 4 seconds

The light is briefly switched off and switched on again to the switch-on brightness. Switch-on brightness is saved.

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