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Universal push-button module 4-gang

Universal push-button module 4-gang

Price: £147.37 Exc VAT

Part Number: LS5094TSM

Description technical Spec

Universal push-button module, 4-gang

Push-button module includes transparent cover ref.-no.: LS 50 NA
For cover kit 4-gang, complete, ref.-no.: xx 504 TSA xx in the LS range
It can be extended by means of a push-button extension module, ref.-no.:LS 509x TSEM
ETS product family: Push-button
Product type: 4-gang push-button

Intended use

  • Operation of loads, e.g. light on/off, dimming, blinds up/down, brightness values, temperatures, calling up and saving light scenes, etc
  • Installation in flush-box according to DIN 49073

Product characteristics

  • Push-button functions for switching, dimming, blinds control, valuators, light scenes, etc
  • One or two functions per button
  • To be completed with cover kit
  • Inscription field can be illuminated
  • One status LED per button, red, green or blue, adjustable
  • One operation LED as orientation light and programming status - red, green or blue, adjustable
  • Brightness of status LED, operation LED and inscription field adjustable, can be changed during operation, e.g. during night times
  • Measurement of room temperature
  • Extension unit for room temperature controller
  • Inhibit function: Inhibit or function mode change of single or all button functions
  • Alarm function, optional acknowledge by pressing any button
  • Energy saving mode
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Connection for a push-button extension module, 1-4 gang
  • Transparent cover kit (included) for temporary site use without design covers

Included Products and Components

  • Universal push-button module 4-gang ref.-no.: LS 5094 TSM
  • Transparent cover ref.-no.: LS 50 NA (also available as a spare part)

Optional Accessories

Neutral cover ref.-no.: LS 50 NA W, LS 50 NA WW, LS 50 NA LG, LS 50 NA SW,AL 50 NA-L, ES 50 NA-L, AL 50 NA AN-L, ME 50 NA C-L, ME 50 NA AT-L, ME 50 NA D-L

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