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UD/S4.210.2.1 LED dimmer 4 x 210 W/VA 1-4 fold

Universal dimming actuator four channel

Price: £507.14 Exc VAT

Part Number: 2CKA006197A0047

Description technical Spec

Universal dimming actuator four channel

Universal dimming actuator 4 x 210 W/VA 1-74 fold

Multichannel universal dimming actuator optimised for dimming retrofit LED lamps (LEDi). Also suitable for dimming incandescent lamps, low-voltage halogen lights with conventional or electronic transformers, 230 V halogen lamps and dimmable energy-saving halogen lamps. Automatic load detection (can be deactivated). Separate N-connection per channel. Parallel connection of the outputs possible to increase the output power. Outputs can be connected in parallel in any configuration.

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