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Switching module, 3x relay (requires 5WG11184AB01)

Switching module, 3x relay (requires 5WG11184AB01)

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Part Number: 5WG1513-4DB23

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Switching module, 3x relay (requires 5WG11184AB01)

Product and Application Description

The RL 513D23 Switching actuator (relay) with mounting frame is a KNX device with three switching outputs. The device is installed in an AP 118 Control Module Box or an AP 641 Room Control Box. The bus is connected via a bus terminal block. The actuator electronics are supplied via the bus voltage.

The RL 513D23 can switch resistive loads (e.g. electrical heaters, incandescent lamps, high voltage halogen lamps), inductive loads (e.g. motor, low voltage halogen lamps with intermediate conventional transformers), or capacitive loads (e.g. low voltage halogen lamps with intermediate electronic transformers).

The actuator output may be configured independently to provide switching, manual override, forced control, logical gate, and status reporting. Furthermore, if required, time-limited switching instead of permanent switching on can be enabled for each channel via an optional "Night mode" object (e.g. for lighting while cleaning), if need be with a warning before switching off by multiple switching the output on and off (flashing).

Amongst others, the application program includes optional a switching cycle and operating hours count with threshold monitoring for each output and an integrated 8-bit scene control, in which the output can be incorporated into up to 8 scenes. Each output of the actuator may be set to one of the following operating modes:

  • Normal operation
  • Timer operation

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