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Switching module, 2x relay and 2x Binary Inputs

Switching module, 2x relay and 2x Binary Inputs

Price: £179.01 Exc VAT

Part Number: 5WG1562-2AB31

Description technical Spec

Switching module, 2x relay and 2x Binary Inputs

Product and Function Description

The switch actuator 2fold receives telegrams from sensors via the Instabus and switches electrical loads with its two relay-outputs independently.

In addition, the device has two extension inputs that depending on parameter settings, can act directly on the outputs (local operation, see “state of delivery”) or alternatively also as binary inputs on the Instabus. The connected potential-free switch or push button contacts are read in via a common reference potential on the actuator. As binary input, telegrams can be transmitted for switching or dimming, for Venetian blind control, value setting or scene recall / save.

Application program

12 A2 Switch 207101
  • 2 binary inputs
    • ON / OFF / TOGGLE switching
    • Value setting
    • Dimming
    • Blind / Shutter – control
    • Scene control
    • Inputs blocking function
    • Behavior on bus power restoration

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