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Switch/dimming module, 8x channels, each with Binary and AO (1-10Vdc)

Switch/dimming module, 8x channels, each with Binary and AO (1-10Vdc)

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Part Number: 5WG1526-1EB02

Description technical Spec

Switch/dimming module, 8x channels, each with Binary and AO (1-10Vdc)

Product and Applications Description

The switching/dimming actuator N 526E02 is a N-system DIN- rail mounted device for controlling up to eight groups (channels) of fluorescent lamps via the DC 1-10 V control terminal of dimmable electronic ballasts (ECG-Dynamic type).

In addition there is per channel a switching contact for direct switching on/off of the connected fluorescent lamps. This contact can be operated manually via a slide switch which also indicates the actual switching state of the channel (when switching manually as well as when switching via the bus). A chan- nel is switched on when the slide is in the lower position.

Different functions can be parameterized per channel such as for switching on/off fluorescent lamps, increasing/decreasing brightness or setting a particular level of brightness. With the ETS (Engineering Tool Software) the application program is selected, its parameters and addresses are assigned appropriately and downloaded to the switching/dimming actuator.

One channel of the N 526E02 switching/dimming actuator can control several dimmable electronic ballasts. Their number is limited as well by the switching capacity as by the control power of the switching/dimming actuator N 526E02. If the on/off function is not used via the relay contact of the switching/dimming actuator N 526E02, the number of controllable ECGs is only dependent on the load of the DC 1-10 V control voltage. This might allow to control a larger number of ECGs (see Technical Specifications).

The power supply of t he N 526E02 is provided by the bus (i.e. it requires no additional power supp ly). When projecting an instal- lation it has to be considered that a N 526E02 represents a double bus load and takes up to 30 mA from the bus.

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