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NetConnect Compact Music Player Amplifier
NetConnect Compact Music Player Amplifier

Price: £395.00 Exc VAT

Part Number: SN1210

NetConnect Compact Music Player Amplifier
NetConnect is an all-in-one network music amplifier controlled by the Systemline 7 app. NetConnect can be installed in a zone, connected to a pair of speakers of choice, a local power supply and an ethernet connection (obtained from a dedicated cable or powerline adaptor). Multiple NetConnects can be used as a standalone Systemline 7 system, one being configured as the ‘master’. It is a reliable, simple to install solution that can be deployed in many ways, and its Hi-Res audio capability ensures the very best sound quality. NetConnect can also be used with an S7 NetServer as part of a standard S7 system. Most streaming services are supported with the added ability to play music back from a USB drive and one-touch control from the powerful S7 app.

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