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s22 s sDock Pro 12.9" silver 2nd generation

s22 s sDock Pro 12.9" silver 2nd generation

Price: £160.16 Exc VAT

Part Number: SD-PRO-2.0S

s22 s sDock Pro silver 2nd generation

Wall mount for iPad. Second generation. Docking station. Photoframe - All in one. Lockable and pivotable.
In-wall power supplies available (230V mains power or PoE).
Made for iPads in 12.9“ (1st + 2nd generation) size.
Compatible also to smaller iOS devices with lightning connector.
Content: sDock, with paper photo, Key lock with two keys, USB to Lightning cable,
Mounting material, User manual and instruction sheet
A power supply sCharge 8pin is not included in the package.
Front and basis made of anodized aluminum, all other parts of high-quality partly reinforced plastics.

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