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Venetian blind actuator (4x230V AC/6 A)

Venetian blind actuator (4x230V AC/6 A)

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Part Number: 5WG1523-1AB04

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Venetian blind actuator

The Venetian blind actuator N 523/04 is a DIN rail mounted device in N-system dimensions with a width of 4 module units. Only one AC 230V drive (motor) with electro-mechanical limit switches or with integrated elec- tronics for disconnection at the limit positions can be connected to a channel of the 4-fold Venetian blind ac- tuator N 523/04. The parallel operation of several drives on one channel requires the intermediate switching of a special relay. Apart from the possibility to move the sun-/ sight guard directly into one of its two final positions (via EIS 1 objects) it is also possible for both the sun blind and the slats to be moved independently into intermediate positions, defined in percentages, by positioning com- mands (EIS 6 objects). This actuator may therefore be used in projects with tracking of the sun ́s position.

The power supply of the Venetian blind actuator elec- tronics is carried out via an integrated power supply unit, which is fed via the mains connection L1 for channels A and B. The mains connection of channels C and D is car- ried out via the connection L2. This enables two channels to be connected to different external conductors. If this is not required, one of the terminals L1 must be linked to one of the terminals L2 via a wiring jumper.

For direct operation (also in the event of communi- cations failure or if EIB communication has not yet been put into operation), four pairs of push buttons are avail- able on the top of the device. For direct operation, both AC 230 V and bus voltage must be applied at the actua- tor. Moreover, the actuator must be switched to direct operation via the appropriate push button with a LED. In direct operation mode, an output remains switched on while the associated push button is pressed. As the direct operation is completely isolated from the bus communi- cation, any active alarm or blockade mode (for blocking the raising or lowering of the sun/anti-glare protection) is not taken into account.

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