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USB-KNX Interface

USB-KNX Interface

Price: £239.29 Exc VAT

Part Number: 5WG1148-1AB12

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USB-KNX Interface

The USB interface N 148/12 is an N-system DIN-rail mounted device. The device can be connected to the bus line parallel via the pressure contact system as well as the bus terminal.

The USB interface N 148/12 enables with its built-in USB socket a personal computer to be attached for addressing, parameterising, visualising, logging and diagnosis of bus devices.

With the USB interface it is possible to operate all bus devices in the whole bus system.

The USB interface N 148/12, supporting long frames up to 64 bytes, is compatible to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The transmission rate between the PC and the interface is 12 Mbit/s maximum.

Inside the device the USB socket is isolated from the KNX-bus.

The connection between the USB interface and the PC is arranged between the USB socket of the USB interface and any USB socket of the PC or a connected USB hub.

The required USB cable (normal USB cable for PC peripherals with one USB plug type A and one USB plug type B) is not a part of the shipment but has to be bought separately, for example, at authorized computer stores. The power supply of the USB interface N 148/12 is carried out via the USB cable by the PC. When the interface is not connected to the PC or the PC is not switched on the interface N 148/12 is not active and cannot be accessed from the bus.

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