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True Presence Multi-Sensor KNX
True Presence Multi-Sensor KNX

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Part Number: 56353

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True Presence Multi-Sensor KNX

Digitally adjustable detection, configuration via Bluetooth. Additional measurement of light level, temperature, humidity, air pressure, radial object distance, approaching / moving away approaching / moving away, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Detailed Description
Seven senses for intelligent buildings
The most precise presence detector ever becomes the ultimate sensory organ. For the true detection of people, brightness, ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2 measurements are necessary. Information that brings the digitalisation of building automation a great deal further. This combination makes the true presence® Multisensor KNX a good investment in building intelligence, a comfortable environment for people and real efficiency. The best comes from above – precise, digital information for modern building management.

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