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Output module 6x 16A (C)/230V~, KNX

Output module 6x 16A (C)/230V~, KNX

Price: £255.79 Exc VAT

Part Number: TXA606D

Description technical Spec

Output module 6x 16A (C)/230V~, KNX

System information

This device is a product of KNX system and corresponds to the KNX guidelines. Detailed specialised knowledge obtained from KNX training courses is required for comprehension. The planning, installation and commissioning of the device is carried out with the help of KNX-certified software.

Systemlink start-up:

The function of the device is software-dependent. The software is to be taken from the product database. You can find the latest version of the product database, technical descriptions as well as conversion and additional support programmes on our website.

Easylink start-up:

The function of the device is configuration-dependent. The configuration can also be done using devices developed specially for simple setting and start-up.

This type of configuration is only possible with devices of the easylink system. Easylink stands for easy, visually supported start-up. Preconfigured standard functions are assigned to the in/outputs by means of a service module.

Functional description

The device receives telegrams from sensors or other controllers via the KNX installation bus and switches electrical loads with its independent relay contacts.

The C load variants are particularly suitable for capacitive loads and are designed for high switch-on currents.

Correct use

  • Switch electrical loads of 230 V AC with potential-free contacts.
  • Switching electrically operated motors of 230 V AC for blinds, shutters, awnings and similar hangings.
  • Mounting on DIN rail according to DIN EN 60715 in the distribution box.

Product characteristics

  • manual activation of the outputs on the device possible, building site operation
  • Status display of the outputs on the device
  • Scene function
  • Forced position by higher-level controller
  • Connection of various external conductors possible.

  • Functions in switch operation:
  • Time switching functions

  • Functions in shutter/blind operation:
  • Position can be started directly
  • Slat position directly controllable
  • Feedback of operating state, shutter position and slat adjustment
  • 3 Alarms

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