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Observer 220° with digital signal evaluation

Observer 220° with digital signal evaluation

Price: £122.76 Exc VAT

Part Number: W220WW

Description technical Spec

Observer 220° with digital signal evaluation

Intended use

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • Surface-mounting in indoor and outdoor areas

Product characteristics

  • Digital signal evaluation
  • Moisture-proof
  • Shut-off delay, sensitivity and brightness value adjustable
  • Test operation for checking the detection area
  • Switch light ON or OFF for 4 hours
  • Short-time operation to control signal encoders
  • Sensor head adjustable in 2 axes
  • Self-adhesive cover plate elements for limiting the detection area
  • High protection against ambient light
  • 580 switching segments in 4 layers
  • Separate protection against crawling under
  • Parallel connection of multiple motion detectors possible
  • Manual switch ON possible with push-button, break contact


Energy saving lamps cause high inrush currents which may cause the switch contact to get stuck. Then a reduction of capacity is required! Please check suitability of lamps before installation.

Delay time limitation: Once the detector has switched on, the brightness is no longer evaluated. To prevent the light from remaining permanently on (e.g. beyond dawn) caused by permanent movements, the device is provided with an intelligent limiting function.

The delay time (time the light remains on after detection of the last movement) is selected depending on the real switch-on time:

Switch-on time Delay time (approx)
up to 60 min depending on setting
up to 70 min 4 min
up to 75 min 2 min
up to 80 min 1 min
up to 85 min 30 sec
up to 90 min 15 sec
90 min switching-off

The detector switches off after 90 minutes, at the latest, even if there are still movements in the detection field. Restarting will only be effected if the ambient brightness drops below the preset brightness level and if a movement is detected in the detection field.

Not suitable for alarm systems
Mounting height: 2.40 m

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