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KNX Valve actuator for radiator/zone valves

KNX Valve actuator for radiator/zone valves

Price: £293.45 Exc VAT

Part Number: 5WG1562-7AB02

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KNX Valve actuator for radiator/zone valves

Product- and Applications Description

The valve actuator AP 562/02 is suitable for installation on radiator or zone valves. It receives the set commands via the KNX bus line from a room temperature controller.

The valve actuator with integrated bus coupling unit is connected with a bus connecting block to the KNX bus line. The power supply results from the bus voltage.

Constant mode of operating:
The valve adjustment works motor driven proportional. Any valve position between two parametrizable limit values can be reached. The current valve position is displayed by five LEDs at the front side of the device.

The device has two separate binary inputs, which can be used as a window contact or a presence contact. The respective values of the corresponding communication objects can be sent via the KNX bus e. g. for changing the operation modes (forced mode frost protection/comfort mode).

By monitoring the time interval between two set value telegrams sent out by the room temperature controller, whose function can be controlled. If the telegram failures an alarm telegram can be sent via the KNX bus and an emergency mode can be activated.

By using central heating boilers with a demand regulated flow temperature control the device can send a feedback regarding the current energy demand (current max. valve position) via a group address to the central heating boiler.

The valve actuator provides a valve protection mode, which is activated if the set value has not been changed during 7 days. Thereby the valve will be completely opened and closed one time to avoid blocking of the valve if it has not moved over a longer period of time.

The valve actuator can be used directly after connecting to the bus voltage. If there is still no application loaded, the valve will be opened - after an automatic adjustment - 25 % automatically.

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