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Universal amplifier

JUNG Universal amplifier

Price: £109.23 Exc VAT

Part Number: ULZ1215REG

Description technical Spec

Universal amplifier (cascadable)

Rail mounting device, 2 rail units.
200 ... 500 W/VA.

Intended use

  • Power enhancement for the TRONIC or universal dimmers contained in the reference list
  • Switching and dimming of incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps and TRONIC or dimmable inductive transformers with halogen lamps
  • Suitable for mixed operation up to the specified output
  • Installation in small distributors on DIN rail in small distributors according to EN 60715

Product characteristics

  • Connection of several power extensions to a single dimmer
  • The total power of the connected loads is divided between the dimmer and power extensions.
  • Power is supplied to the connected loads via a common power cable
  • Operation using upstream dimmer
  • Electronic overtemperature protection

Lighting systems with a power consumption of more than 3500 W/VA must be supplied by two separate circuits, however from the same phase conductor. The circuit breakers of these circuits must be ganged in order to ensure safe disconnection of the lighting system from the mains.

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