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Presence detector universal

JUNG Presence detector universal

Price: £113.87 Exc VAT

Part Number: PMU360WW

Description technical Spec

Presence detector universal

Presence detector universal for inserts ref.-no.: 1224 LED UDE, 1225 SDE, 1240 STE, 1201 URE, 1201-1 URE,1202 URE, 1254 TSE, 1244 NVSE
Presence detector universal for satellite unit ref.-no.: 1223 NE
Presence detector universal for pulse unit ref.-no.: 1208 UI

Primary application: desk workplaces, office rooms, etc.

Intended use

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • Operation with insert for switching or dimming or "3-wire" satellite insert to expand the detection area
  • Ceiling installation on flush-mounted insert

Product characteristics

  • Constant light control in combination with dimmer insert
  • 2-point light control in combination with switch insert
  • Shut-off delay and brightness value settable
  • Test operation for checking the detection area
  • Push-on cover for limiting the detection area
  • Expansion of the detection area in combination with 3-wire satellite insert
  • Manual switch-on and switch-off possible with 2-wire satellite insert or installation button

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