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Presence detector mini universal

JUNG Presence detector mini universal

Price: £121.84 Exc VAT

Part Number: 3361-1MWW

Description technical Spec

Presence detector mini

with integrated BCU
ETS product family: Physical sensors
Product type: Movement

Intended use

  • Requirement-oriented control of lighting, room thermostats and other electrical consumers in interior rooms
  • Clamp mounting in suspended ceilings
  • Ceiling mounting on fixed ceilings in flush-mounted box according to DIN 49073 (with flush mounting set, ref.-no.: PMM-UP-SET-WW) or in surface-mounted housing (surface mounting set, ref.-no.: PMM-AP-SET-WW)

Product characteristics

  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • Detection field 360°
  • Integrated brightness sensor
  • Deployed as presence detector, motion detector, or for alert operation
  • Output functions: Switching, staircase function, switching with forced position, value transmitter, light scene extension, operating mode setting for room temperature controller
  • Detection area extendible by parallel switching of several devices as main unit or extension unit
  • Manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Status LED: Flashes during motion detection; depending on programming in normal operation or only during the walking test mode

Additional characteristics of "Universal" version

  • Manual operation with IR remote control possible (ref.-no.: KNX PM FB IR)
  • 5 function blocks for motion or presence detection each with 2 outputs
  • Function blocks switchable, e.g. for day/night operation
  • PIR sensors can be evaluated separately
  • Brightness sensor function with 3 limiting values
  • Light control with max. 3 channels, setpoint shift in operation, separate configuration of dimming-up, control and dimming-down phase
  • Light control can be combined with presence detector function

Presence detector function

  • Detection of the smallest motions e.g. at a workplace for detecting the presence of persons
  • Switch on: Motion detection and brightness threshold not reached
  • Switch off: No motion in the detection field and shut-off delay elapsed or brightness threshold exceeded

Motion detector function

  • Motion detection for passageways in buildings
  • Switch on: Motion detection and brightness threshold not reached
  • Switch off: No motion in the detection field and shut-off delay elapsed

After reacting and switching on, the motion detection works independently of the brightness.

Signalling mode

  • Brightness-independent detection of motions in the detection field
  • Switch on: After detection of an adjustable number of motions within the set monitoring period
  • Switch off: No persons in the detection field and shut-off delay elapsed

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