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1-Gang rocker, Black

JUNG LS990SW 1-gang rocker Black

Price: £6.55 Exc VAT

Part Number: LS990SW

Description technical Spec

JUNG LS990SW, 1-gang rocker, Black

Rocker for switch insert ref.-no.: 501 U, 502 U, 503 U, 506 U, 507 U, 501-20 U, 506-20 U,507-20 U
Rocker for push switch insert ref.-no.: 502 TU, 506 TU, 507 TU
Rocker for push-button insert ref.-no.: 531 U, 532 U, 533 U, 533-2 U
Rocker for multi switch insert ref.-no.: 531-41 U (not metal versions)

Note: For illuminated inserts use rocker with lens.

Are you looking for a different colour?

JUNG offer more colours than we are showing on the website:
  1. IVORY - 1-gang rocker Ivory ref.no.: LS 990
  2. LIGHT GREY - 1-gang rocker Light Grey ref.no.: LS 990 LG
  3. CHROME - 1-gang rocker Chrome ref.no.: GCR 2990
  4. GOLD COLOURED - 1-gang rocker Gold coloured ref.no.: GO 2990
  5. GOLD PLATED - 1-gang rocker Gold plated ref.no.: AL 2990 GGO
  6. CLASSIC BRASS - 1-gang rocker Classic brass ref.no.: ME 2990 C
  7. ANTIQUE BRASS - 1-gang rocker Antique ref.no.: ME 2990 AT
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