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Heating actuator 6-gang

JUNG Heating actuator 6-gang

Price: £144.04 Exc VAT

Part Number: 2336REGHZHE

Description technical Spec

Heating actuator, 6-gang

Rail mounting device, 4 rail units
6 outputs "TRIAC"
With manual electronic operation and LED status indication
ETS product family: Heating, A/C, Ventilation
Product type: Valve

Intended use

  • Switching of electrothermal actuators for heaters or cooling ceilings
  • Installation in distribution boxes on DIN rail according to EN 60715

Product characteristics

  • Switching operation or PWM operation
  • Actuators with characteristics opened or closed without power
  • Valve drives for 230 V or 24 V controllable
  • Outputs can be operated manually, construction site mode
  • Feedback in manual mode and in bus mode
  • Disabling of individual outputs manually or via bus
  • Overload-protected, short circuit-protected; error indication with LED
  • Protection against jamming valves
  • Forced position
  • Various setpoints for forced position or emergency operation in case of bus failure for summer or winter
  • Cyclical monitoring of the input signals can be parameterised
  • Feedback via bus, e.g. in case of mains failure, overload or sensor failure
  • Extended functions for optimisation of the heat demand (boiler and pump)
  • 1 byte or 1 bit control value input
  • Operation hour counter
  • Support of "first open" function (see manual)

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