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2-Gang push-button BCU, neutral position

JUNG 2-Gang push-button BCU, neutral position

Price: £68.43 Exc VAT

Part Number: 4072.02LED

Description technical Spec

Push-button BCU, neutral position

Function: switching, dimming, shutter control
LED: always ON, always OFF, status indication

Can operate up to four different groups (with switch function).
Status indication is possible with LED.

Depending on the version of the push-button BCU - 1-gang rocker or 2-gang rocker - centre plates are used with and without indication lights. The “upper” or “lower” rockers can be controlled with the push-button with “neutral position”, while only the “lower” rocker can be pressed with the push-button with “switch position”. The push-button BCU can only function with an application program i.e. the push-button BCU consists of the device (hardware) and the application program (software).

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