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FM output 4A free of potential + 2 inputs mains powered

FM output 4A free of potential + 2 inputs mains powered

Price: £92.11 Exc VAT

Part Number: TRM694G

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FM output 4A free of potential + 2 inputs mains powered

The TRM694G is a radio transmitter/receiver, powered by the mains.

It includes:

  • 2 inputs for connection of pushbuttons, switches or other automatic control contacts, a floating contact output for ON-OFF control of electrical loads.

The inputs connected to the product are freely programmable. They can control the local output or other outputs.

This product can also be used for pulse control of an automatic control contact for opening or closing of a garage door or an electric latch. To do this, select the control type to be:

  • either the timer function (see table of pulse durations, adjustable from 400 ms to 8 min).
    Note: the press of the control pushbutton should be <1 second
  • or the switch function; the pulse duration will be equal to the press duration on the control pushbutton connected to the input.

Quicklink products can be configured together and operated within the same radio installation.


  • Pushbutton or switch
  • Connecting wires of the 2 inputs for a switch or pushbutton
  • Pushbutton and feature LED T of output
  • Pushbutton and configuration LED R
  • Connector block:
    Phase 230 V


  • 1 independent channel controlled by KNX radio (μ contact 4 A, 12-230 V; 4 A, 12 V DC 2A, 24 VDC)
  • 2 inputs for contact free of potential.

In operation:

  • Availability of output manual control by pushbutton
  • Display of output state on LED fct (red light ON = active output)

The specific features of each product depend on configuration and set-up.

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