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Flush mounting – Z41 and TMD family (accessory)

Flush mounting – Z41 and TMD family (accessory)

Price: £45.00 Exc VAT

Part Number: ZAC-FLTMD

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Flush mounting – Z41 and TMD family (accessory)

This is an optional accessory for Z41 and TMD family, which allows to flush-mount these products in Dry-Wall. Policarbonate frame of the product should be removed according with instructions. Not compatible with aluminium, chromed or golden frame. The internal temperature probe should not be used, since a right measurement when flush-mounted cannot be guaranteed. Accessory of the references (ONLY Policarbonate frame): ZVI-Z41PRO, ZVI-Z41LIT, ZVI-TMDD, ZVI-TMDV, ZVI-TMDP4, ZVI-TMDP6, ZVI-TMDP8


  • Suitable for drywalls (thickness: 13 to 18mm).
  • Material: Waterproof Medium Density Fibreboard.
  • Dimensions: 180 x 150 x 13,6mm.
  • 2 types of rear supplements to be used as thickness adaptors (1 and 2mm thick).*
  • Not suitable for mounting on fire sector limit walls.
  • Only for devices with Polycarbonate frames.
  • Zennio devices compatible:
    • Touch-MyDesign Plus (4/6/8)
    • TMD-Display One, TMD-Display View
    • Z41 Pro, Z41 Lite
    Note: Internal temperature probe of the device loses its functionality.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape is supplied to make the installation easier.

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