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eNet radio dimming actuator mini

eNet radio dimming actuator mini

Price: £115.83 Exc VAT

Part Number: FMUD20250UP

Description technical Spec

eNet radio dimming actuator mini 1-gang

Intended use

  • Switching and dimming of incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps, dimmable HV-LED lamps, dimmable compact fluorescent lamps, dimmable inductive transformers with LV halogen or LV LED lamps, dimmable electronic transformers with LV halogen or LV LED lamps
  • Operation with suitable eNet radio transmitters
  • Mounting in appliance box according to DIN 49073
  • Mounting in surface-mounted housing or built-in housing (ref.-no. FM-EBG) for false ceilings

Product characteristics

  • Switch-on via bulb-preserving soft start
  • Switch-on brightness can be saved permanently
  • Minimum brightness can be saved permanently
  • Scene operation possible
  • Status indication with LED
  • Status feedback to radio transmitter
  • Switchable with Prog button
  • Electronic short-circuit protection with permanent switch-off after 7 seconds at the latest
  • Electronic over-temperature protection
  • Automatic or manual setting of the dimming principle suitable for the load
  • Power extension possible by means of power boosters. Do not connect any HV-LED lamps or compact fluorescent lamps in combination with power boosters

Can be set with eNet server

  • Maximum brightness
  • Dimming speed
  • Switch-on delay / switch-off delay
  • Dim up/dim down ramp
  • Switch-off warning
  • Operation locks
  • Continuous on, Continuous off
  • Hotel function
  • Run-on time
  • Light control

Supplementary functions with eNet server

  • Update of the device software
  • Repeater function
  • Reading of error memory

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