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DALI-Gateway, 1f, 16G, MDRC

DALI-Gateway, 1f, 16G, MDRC

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Part Number: 2CDG110103R0011

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DALI-Gateway, 1f, 16G, MDRC

The ABB i-bus® group-oriented DALI Gateway, DG/S 1.16.1 is a KNX modular installation device (MDRC) in ProM design for installation in the distribution board on 35 mm mounting rails. A DALI Gateway can integrate devices with DALI interfaces in a KNX building installation with the application program Switch Dim Group 1f. The connection to the ABB i-bus® is implemented via a bus connection terminal on the device shoulders.

Up to 64 DALI devices can be connected to the DALI output of the gateway. The 64 possible DALI devices can be divided into 16 lighting groups on the KNX with an ETS independent commissioning tool. With the tool it is possible, if required, to implement individual project-related DALI addressing whereby every individual one of the 64 devices can be flexibly addressed.

The fault status (lamps and ballasts) of each individual DALI device can be sent via different KNX objects on the KNX. The control of the 64 devices is implemented exclusively via the lighting groups. A device can be contained in several lighting groups.

A staircase lighting and sequencer function is integrated into the DG/S 1.16.1. The 16 lighting groups can also be integrated into any scene and called or stored using a 1 bit or 8 bit scene telegram via the KNX.

With the central commands (broadcast) all the DALI devices connected to the DALI output can be commonly controlled via the KNX.

The DALI gateway DG/S 1.16.1 is a DALI control device (master) and requires an AC or DC auxiliary supply. No separate DALI voltage supply is required. The DALI power source for 64 DALI devices is integrated into the gateway. As soon as the auxiliary supply is connected, the gateway can commonly manually switch on or off all connected DALI devices independently of the KNX or DALI addressing.

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