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Daikin VRV and Sky systems to KNX Interface

Daikin to KNX Interface

Price: £122.77 Exc VAT

Part Number: INKNXDAI001R000


Daikin VRV and Sky systems to KNX Interface

The Daikin -KNX gateway allows fully bi-directional communication between Daikin VRV and Sky systems and KNX installations.

Main features

  • KNX certified.
  • Configured by ETS standard configuration tool.
  • Reduced dimensions allowing a quick installation inside the Air Conditioner unit.
  • Offered all the required DPT objects to be compatible with all KNX thermostats in the market.
  • Energy efficiency functions, such as “timeout”, “open window” or “Occupancy”. Costs related to HVAC systems in a building are one of the highest and these functions allow to reduce them.
  • Smooth integration of KNX thermostats allowing the control of the AC unit by the own temperature sensor of the thermostat.
  • Simultaneous control of the AC unit by the IR remote controller and by KNX.
  • Total control and monitoring of the AC unit from KNX, including AC unit’s internal variables, running hours counter (for filter maintenance control) and error indication.
  • Up to 5 scenes can be saved and executed from KNX.

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