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Centre plate with knob for rotary dimmer

centre plate with knob

Price: £5.39 Exc VAT

Part Number: LS1940WW

Description technical Spec

JUNG LS1940WW Centre plate with knob

Centre plate for rotary dimmer inserts ref.-no.: 225 TDE, 225 NVDE, 266 GDE, 211 GDE, 211-60 GDE, 254 UDIE1, 243 EX, 244 EX, 244 HEX, 244-110
Centre plate for satellite dimmer insert ref.-no.: 254 NIE1
Centre plate for electronic potentiometer 1-10 V ref.-no.: 240-10, 240-31
Centre plate for DALI potentiometer insert ref.-no.: 240 DPE, 240 PDPE, 240 PDPE TW

The new covers xx 1540 xx and xx 1940 xx replace the old covers xx 540 xx, xx 940 xx and xx 2940 xx

Are you looking for a different colour?

JUNG offer more colours than we are showing on the website:
  1. IVORY - Centre plate Ivory ref.no.: LS 1940
  2. LIGHT GREY - Centre plate Light Grey ref.no.: LS 1940 LG
  3. BLACK - Centre plate Light Black ref.no.:LS 1940 SW
  4. ANTHRACITE - Centre plate Anthracite (aluminium lacquered) ref.no.: AL 1940 AN
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