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Binary input 2 fold

Binary input 2 fold

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Part Number: TXB302

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Binary input 2 fold

Universal input modules are used to interface contacts free of potential with KNX bus, such as pushbuttons, switches or conventional automatisms to make them communicating devices.

There are two versions of these flush-mounting universal input modules

  • 2-input universal modules (Ref TXB302)
  • 4-input universal modules (Ref TXB304)


  • TX100 V.2.1: See description included in the note provided with the configurer
  • ETS : Software application TL302B, TL304B. The database and technical description are available from the manufacturer.


  • 2 or 4 independent channels.
  • Power supply by Bus.

The particular functions of each product depend on the configuration and the set-up.

Wiring, test, startup

The modules are installed in a 60 mm dia. flushmounting box in association with a pushbutton or a switch.

Depth will depend on the type of equipment used.

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