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Security Terminal, 2-fold

Security Terminal, 2-fold

Price: £188.09 Exc VAT

Part Number: 2CDG110111R0011

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Security Terminal, 2-fold

Security Terminal MT/U 2.12.2 is used as the interface between security technology sensors and the KNX.

The device features 2 inputs, so-called zones. They are used for monitoring connected passive detectors, e.g. magnetic contacts and/or glass break sensors on the ABB i-bus® KNX and/or for connection of floating contacts in applications with enhanced security requirements.

The device can be used as a system with autonomous alarm logic or in combination with the Security Module or an Intrusion Alarm Panel with KNX interface.

The device is flush mounted in an installation box 55 mm.

A 12 V DC SELV auxiliary voltage supply is required, e.g. NTU/S 12.2000.1.

Typical applications include the monitoring of door and window opening, the detection of glass breaks as well as monitoring of rooms using motion detectors.

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