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VC/S4.2.1 Valve Drive Ctrl,4-f,mO

VC/S4.2.1 Valve Drive Ctrl,4-f,mO

Price: £370.32 Exc VAT

Part Number: 2CDG110217R0011

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VC/S4.1.1 Valve Drive Controller, 4-fold, MDRC

The Electronic Switch Actuators ES/S x.1.2.1 are modular installation devices in Pro M-Design. The devices feature 4 or 8 semiconductor outputs for control of electro-thermal valve drives, e.g. TSA/K, and electro-motor 3-point actuator drives, for example, for room temperature control. Furthermore, the devices are ideal for noiseless and wear-free switching of any loads, e.g. lamps. The outputs can be operated with either DC or AC voltage (24…230 V AC/DC).

The outputs can be combined as required, so that, e.g. output A controls electro-thermal valve drives, output B switches the lighting and outputs C and D control electro-motor actuator drives.

Each output is short-circuit and overload protected. The outputs can be directly controlled using the manual buttons. The LEDs on the front of the device signal the status of the outputs.
Detailed Description
ABB i-bus KNX Table Selection

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