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Zennio inBOX DIM. Universal dimmer for flush mounting. 1 channel x 250W

Zennio inBOX DIM. Universal dimmer for flush mounting. 1 channel x 250W

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Part Number: ZDI-IBD

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Zennio inBOX DIM Universal dimmer for flush mounting 1 channel x 250W

Universal dimmer (RLC, LED, CFL) for flush mounting with one channel for up to 250W @230VAC (200W @110-125VAC). Auto load type detection (RLC). Configurable dimming curves for LED and CFL. It allows manual control of its outputs thanks to the push buttons on the cover. It includes 10 independent logical functions. In addition, it incorporates 2 analog-digital inputs that may be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. Error detection: short circuit, voltage surge, overheating, anomalous frequency and supply voltage failure


  • 1 channel for R L C loads and for dimmable CFL and LED lamps.
  • Automatic detection of R L C load type.
  • Automatic frequency detection.
  • Dimming pattern selection for CFL and LED lamps.
  • Optional manual dimming control.
  • 2 inputs configurable as
    • Binary input.
    • Temperature probe.
    • Motion sensor.
  • 10 logical functions.
  • External 110/230VAC 50/60Hz power supply.
  • Total data saving on KNX bus failure.
  • Integrated KNX BCU.
  • Dimensions Ø50 x 26mm.
  • Can be mounted within distribution boxes, junction boxes or wall back boxes.
  • Conformity with the CE directives (CE-mark on the back side).

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