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USB/KNX interface
USB/KNX interface


Part Number: EK-BD1-TP
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USB/KNX Interface
The ekinex® USB/KNX interface EK-BA1-TP allows to establish a bidirectional data connection between a PC and a KNX bus installation. The device enables addressing, parameter setting, visualization, protocolling and diagnosis of KNX bus devices. With the USB/KNX interface every bus device of a KNX bus installation can be addressed. The communication between the USB/ KNX interface and the connected devices is handled via the common EMI protocol. This protocol is designed for actual and future applications. The connection between KNX and PC running standard software like ETS, EITT and other software is handled by the FALCON driver. The device supports long messages (up to 228 byte length) and ensures an easy handling of the software with operating systems not supported by the FALCON driver (e.g. Linux). For specific diagnostic applications like EITT the device is supporting a "Raw Frame" operating mode.

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