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SAH/S24.16.7.1 Switch/Shutter Actuator, 24-fold, 16 A, MDRC

Switch/Shutter Actuator, 24-fold, 16 A, MDRC

Price: £548.41 Exc VAT

Part Number: 2CDG110252R0011

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Switch Actuator, 24-fold, 16A, MDRC

The compact 16 A combi switch actuator has 24 independent switching relays. The outputs can be used individually via ABB i-bus® KNX for switching electrical loads or in pairs for controlling 230 V AC roller shutter or blind drives (no electromechanically interlocking). The device features a manual operation, which can also be disabled. Via the manual operation the outputs can be operated manually and the switching or driving status is displayed. The device is powered by KNX and requires no additional power supply.

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