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Shutter switch (DC 24V, 4x1A)

Shutter switch (DC 24V, 4x1A)

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Part Number: 5WG1524-1AB01

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Shutter switch (DC 24V, 4x1A)

The shutter switch N 524 is a DIN rail mounted device with N-system dimensions and a width of 6 module units. It can control up to four independent DC drives for the positioning of roller shutters, venetian blinds, windows, dampers or valves. Apart from the possibility to travel the sun-/ sight guard directly into one of its two final posi- tions it is also possible for both the shutter and its slats to be moved independently into intermediate positions, defined in percentages, by positioning commands (EIS 6 objects). The accuracy achieved by the positioning of the sunblind or the slats depends on the constancy of the DC voltage, the motor and the gear used and not on the shutter switch N 524.

The N 524 is designed exclusively for the control of DC drives with electromechanical limit switches. It is allowed to connect several DC drives with electromechanical limit switches in parallel to the same output (channel) of the N 524 as long as the total current of 1 A per output is not exceeded. It may be exceeded only for a short time at the start of a positioning.

The travel time from one final position to the other has to be measured and the corresponding software parameter to be set to the measured value. When controlling ve- netian blinds the positioning time from the vertical to the horizontal slat position has to be measured and entered as accurately as possible.

For supply of the drives controlled by the N 524 an ex- ternal DC power supply has to be connected to the cor- responding terminals of the N 524. The DC voltage should be stabilised as voltage oscillations result in speed oscillations of the drive (different travel times, in- exact intermediate positions). The external DC power supply may be rated between 6V and 24V. This means that also drives with a rated voltage of 6V or 12V may be controlled by the N 524. But all drives connected to the same N 524 must be rated for the same voltage and the max. allowed current of 1A per output must not be ex- ceeded.

The electronics of the N 524 is supplied, independent of the EIB bus voltage, via an integrated power supply unit to be connected to AC 230V. It is therefore possible to carry out shutter movement or slats adjustment inde- pendently of the EIB as long as AC 230V and the DC voltage are available.

There are two push buttons per channel on the front plate of the shutter switch to enable local operation. This is carried out via long and short push button actions in the same way as for an EIB push button.

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