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KNX touch-thermostat 2M black

KNX touch-thermostat 2M black

Price: £314.94 Exc VAT

Part Number: 02952

Description technical Spec

KNX touch-thermostat 2M black

  • Supply voltage: BUS 29 V SELV.
  • Consumption: 10 mA.
  • Terminals:
    • TP bus;
    • Digital input for NO or NC contact (with no potential, SELV);
    • Maximum distance between the input contact and the thermostat: 30 m;
    • NO relay output ( 24 V~ SELV 4 A cos 1; 24 V~ SELV 2 A cos 0.6).
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C - +40 °C (inside).
  • ErP classification (Reg. EU 811/2013):
    • ON/OFF: class I, contribution 1%;
    • PI: class IV, contribution 2%;
    • with actuator with proportional analogue outputs KNX: class V, contribution 3%
  • This device contains only SELV circuits that must be kept separate from circuits with dangerous voltage.
  • RGB backlit touch display with colours that can be configured via ETS parameter:
    • fixed colour chosen by the installer;
    • dynamic colour change depending on the set-point value by enabling the Ecometer function
  • Internal temperature probe: measurement range from 0 to 40 °C with reading accuracy of: ≤±0.5 °C between 15 °C and 30 °C; ≤±0.8 °C at the extremes.
  • External temperature probe: measurement range from -20 to 70 °C with comparable accuracy to the internal temperature probe; beyond the stated temperatures, the error increases.
  • Temperature sensors that can be managed by the thermostat 02952
    • Internal NTC.
    • Possibility of connecting an external NTC art. 02965.1-20432-19432-14432.
    • Possibility of using the temperature values sent over the bus from 8 different KNX temperature sensors ( DPT_Value_Temp data)
  • Reference temperature For each of the two thermostats A and B the reference temperature for the climate control is the weighted average among all the available temperature sources (if present):
    • Internal NTC;
    • External NTC art. 02965.1-20432-19432-14432;
    • via bus (KNX temperature sensors 1 to 8).
    The weights of the various temperature sources are set via ETS; source temperatures with weight 0 are not included in the calculation of the reference temperature.
  • Systems management with:
    • 2/4 pipes and on/off and proportional valves;
    • Fan coils with 3 speeds, 3 proportional and constant proportional speeds;
    • Neutral zone (only 4 pipes).
    • Control algorithm: On/Off, I, PI.
  • Boost function: each thermostat A and B has a second temperature control stage which, if enabled, triggers to support the first one when the detected temperature differs from the desired set-point by at least a predetermined threshold”.
  • Ambient humidity display: the thermostat can display ambient humidity whose value is sent by the bus to the thermostat via appropriate data points.
  • Dew point
  • System protection functions:
    • Antifreeze and Too Hot;
    • Floor temperature protection;
    • Generic alarm.
  • 16 scenarios.

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