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KNX Starter kit
KNX Starter Kit

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KNX Starter kit

This kit has been specially customised with ABB for a special rate to suit the KNX Partner beginners.

KNX Starter kit Components:

ABB 1SL1204A00 MISTRAL65 panel with transparent door 24M (x1)

ABB 2CDG110144R0011 SV/S30.160.1.1 160mA power supply, MDRC (x1)

ABB 2CDG110008R0011 USB/S1.1 USB Interface, MDRC (x1)

ABB 2CDG110244R0011 SAH/S8.6.7.1 8ch universal sw/blind actuator (x1)

ABB 2CKA006197A0047 UD/S4.210.2.1 LED dimmer 4x210W W/VA 1-4 fold (x1)

ABB GHQ6310074R0111 US/U2.2 Universal Interface, 2-fold, FM (x1)

ABB 2CL0DN680405UK AMD443244-SB Double rocker switch- 2 gang 1 way (x1)

ABB 2CL0DN627105UK AMD56144-SB Frontplate, 1 Gang Double Rocker, w Mounting Plate black (x1)

ABB 6133-0-0223 6108/07-500 Push-button coupler 4gang with integrated bus coupler black (x1)

ABB 2CKA006220A0154 SR-2-84 Rocker 2gang left/right, without printing white (x2)

ABB 2CKA001754A4235 1721-184K future® linear Cover frame 1gang frame white (x1)

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