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KNX IP Router

KNX IP-Router

Price: £391.82 Exc VAT

Part Number: IPR200REG

Description technical Spec

KNX IP router

Rail mounting device, 3 rail units.
ETS product family: System components
Product type: IP router

Intended use

  • Connection between KNX devices and PC or other data processing devices via IP
  • Operation as line/area coupler or data interface
  • Mounting on DIN rail in distribution boxes

Product characteristics

  • KNXnet/IP routing for communication between KNX lines, areas and systems via IP network
  • Telegramm forwarding and filtering according to physical address or group address
  • LED display for KNX communication, Ethernet communication and programming mode
  • Configuration via ETS and Telnet
  • SNTP server, with battery backup
  • Commissioning with display support
  • Max. 5 connections to IP terminal devices, e.g. for simultaneous visualisation and configuration
  • Outage message of the KNX system to the IP system
  • Supply from network line (Power-over-Ethernet acc. to IEEE 802.3af) through separate voltage supply ref.-no. NT 2415 REG VDC or the auxiliary voltage output of the KNX voltage supply
  • Electrical isolation between KNX and IP network
  • Power consumption max. 1 W

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