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IP Interface

IP Interface

Price: £247.66 Exc VAT

Part Number: 5WG1148-1AB22

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IP Interface

The IP Interface N148/22 is a DIN rail mounted device.

This device utilizes the KNXnet/IP standard and enables communication connections to KNX/EIB lines or systems via data networks using the Internet Protocol (IP). PC’s or other data processing equipment can exchange data with KNX/EIB devices through this communication link.

The physical connection to the KNX/EIB bus is established via a bus connector terminal block. For connection to the data network (IP via 10BaseT) the device contains an RJ45 socket.

By using a LAN modem a KNX/EIB installation can be remotely accessed even if there is no direct data network connection between a PC and an IP Interface. LAN modems are available on the market for standard telephone, ISDN or DSL connections.

The IP Interface requires additional operating power for its operation. The IP Interface N148/22 can source this operating power via the network connection from “Power over Ethernet” according to IEEE 802.3af. Alternatively, the operating power can be provided via a second terminal block (white-yellow terminals) by a safety extra low voltage (SELV) power supply AC/DC 24 V or by a bus power supply (unchoked power, DC 29V). When a SELV power supply is connected the operating power is sourced from it.

The IP Interface has these characteristics:
  • Simple connection to hierarchically superimposed systems via Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Direct access to the KNX/EIB installation from any access point to the IP network (KNXnet/IP Tunneling)
  • Communication between buildings and facilities
  • LED display of
    • operation
    • KNX/EIB communication
    • IP communication
  • Simple configuration with standard ETS
  • Easy connection to SCADA and Facility Management systems

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