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Gateway M-Bus Master - KNX TP - 80 devices
Gateway M-Bus Master - KNX TP - 80 devices


Part Number: EK-BM1-TP-80
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Gateway M-Bus Master - KNX TP - 80 devices
The ekinex® M-Bus master EK-BM1-TP gateway is a KNX modular unit for panel mounting. It allows you to exchange informations with one or more slave devices over a serial network through M-Bus protocol. The ekinex gateway acts as M-Bus Master. The informations exchanged over the M-Bus network are updated over the KNX network by means of a twisted pair (TP) communication cable. The device manages a two-way data stream: the M-Bus registers can be cyclically read and their value sent as a communication object over the KNX TP network through a multicast communication to configured group addresses. The data update over the KNX network can be done cyclically and/or on event of change of the data acquired by the M-Bus network. Likewise, the ekinex gateway can make requests to cyclically readings KNX communication objects or acquire their values during data exchange over the bus. Cyclically or on event of change of the communication objects, data are written on the M-Bus registers of one or more configured devices. The ekinex gateway supports the entire M-Bus master protocol. The maximum number of supported slave devices depends on the gateway model. It allows to link to KNX communication objects different measures and variables such as meters, energy totalizers, flow, power, absorbed current and so on.

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