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Gateway DALI - KNX
Gateway DALI - KNX


Part Number: EK-BG1-TP
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Gateway DALI - KNX
The gateway DALI ekinex® EK-BP1-TP is a Converter so you can connect a DALI net (like a light system etc...) with a KNX network in order to exchange information between the nets. With it, up to 64 lights in max. 16 groups can be switched, and complex scenes, up to 16 scenarios, and dynamic light effects can be realised via the KNX system. The expanded functionality provides a great deal of freedom in designing individual lighting concepts. Various dynamic sequences and light effects can be saved and called up. Using DALI converters Ekinex any light source, including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps and even LEDs, can be controlled irrespective of whether they are installed in an office, open-space, production halls, display windows etc... Configuration is performed through a PC application software which communicates through the integrated Ethernet port.

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