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Gateway BACnet IP server - KNX TP
Gateway BACnet IP server - KNX TP


Part Number: EK-BJ1-TP-IP
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Gateway BACnet IP server - KNX TP
The BACnet IP-MS/TP slave ekinex® EK-BJ1-TPIP/EK-BJ1-TP-MSTP gateway is a KNX modular unit for panel mounting. It allows you to exchange information with a master device over a RS485 differential serial or Ethernet network through BACnet protocol. The ekinex gateway acts as BACnet slave. The information exchanged over the BACnet network are updated over the KNX network by means of a twisted pair (TP) communication cable. The device manages a two-way data stream: the BACnet registers can be cyclically read and their value sent as a communication object over the KNX TP network through a multicast communication to configured group addresses. The data update over the KNX network can be done cyclically and/or on event of change of the data acquired by the BACnet network. Likewise, the ekinex gateway can make requests to cyclically readings KNX communication objects or acquire their values during data exchange over the bus. Cyclically or on event of change of the communication objects, data are written on the Modbus registers of one or more configured devices. The ekinex gateway supports the entire Modbus RTU master protocol with the possibility of reading and writing single and multiple 1-bit registers (Coil and Status) as well as 16-bit registers (Holding and Input). It is also possible to read and write multiple registers containing 32-bit floating point values (IEEE 754 format). As for KNX communication, 1-bit, 1-byte, 2-byte and 4- byte communication objects can be acquired: internal conversion functions allow you to convert the information from and to 16-bit floating point values (DPT 9.xxx) starting from integer BACnet registers. Configuration is performed through a PC application software which communicates through the integrated Ethernet port. The application software CGEKBJ1TPIP/CGEKBJ1TPMSTP is available for download at www.ekinex.com.

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