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Fancoil actuator / controller - full version
Fancoil actuator / controller


Part Number: EK-HC1-TP
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Fancoil actuator / controller - full version
The EK-Hx1-TP series of actuators / controllers includes 3 ekinex® devices KNX S-mode suitable for the command of air terminals for thermoregulation applications. The EK-HC1-TP product is the most complete and versatile of the series and can be applied to both terminals with 2-pipe hydraulic distribution that to 4 pipes, with fan with 1-3 discrete speed or with motor brushless with control signal 0 ... 10V; this version also allows manual control of the outputs by membrane buttons.
• Power supply from the bus + auxiliary power supply of 230 Vac 50/60 Hz network • Control of systems with 2 hydraulic distribution pipes or 4 pipes with type shut-off valves ON / OFF (2 SPST relays) • Control of fans with 1-3 discrete speeds or with brushless motor with 0 ... 10V signal • 3 freely configurable inputs per acquisition passive temperature probes (NTC sensors a 10k @ 25 ° C) or as free binary inputs from potential • Manual operation by means of membrane buttons (even in the absence of voltage on the bus)

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