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Eikon TACTIL KNX 4-button switch

Eikon TACTIL KNX 4-button switch

Price: £158.66 Exc VAT

Part Number: 21840

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Eikon TACTIL KNX 4-button switch

Home automation control device, 4 independently programmable buttons for managing single loads or scenarios, KNX standard, to be completed with a label and Eikon Tactil cover plate - 2 modules

The device consists of 4 independent touch buttons that, via the KNX bus, enable controlling relay actuators, dimmer actuators and roller shutter actuators; they can also be used for calling up scenarios.

The device is to be completed with the Eikon Tactil cover plate; the buttons however react to mechanical pressure even without fitting the cover plate so the configuration and the first operating test can be performed in this condition.

  • Rated supply voltage Busbar: 30 V d.c. SELV
  • Absorption from the Bus: 35 mA
  • Terminals: TP BUS
  • Operating temperature: -5°C - + 45°C (indoor use)
  • Device settings:
    • colour (can be selected from a list or by setting the RGB coordinates)
    • button sensitivity (i.e., the amount of pressure required to actuate a command)
    • buzzer on/off
    • behaviour of the LEDs with the device on standby (off or with low brightness)
  • Possible functions of the buttons:
    • sending ON, OFF and timed ON commands
    • ON and OFF switch on the up and on the down side
    • Call up and save scenario
    • Send value
    • Dimmer control
    • Toggle
  • Possible functions of the buttons with 2 associated channels:
    • ON and OFF switch
    • Dimmer control
    • Roller shutter control
  • Proximity function:
    • when the user draws her hand near, the device goes into "normal" operation and the LEDs light up brightly.
    • if after 10 seconds no action is carried out, the device will go back onto standby and the LEDs will switch off or reduce their brightness.
  • Cover plate cleaning function: the device recognizes simultaneously pressing multiple keys due to wiping with a cloth so no actions are carried out unless you dwell too long on the same area of the cover plate.

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