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E72 room temperature controller (no frame)
E72 room temperature controller


Part Number: EK-E72-TP-NF
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E72 room temperature controller (no frame)
The ekinex® 71 Serie room temperature controller is a KNX S-mode device for the independent temperature regulation of a room or a zone in a building. In combination with one or more KNX actuators, the room temperature controller is able to control the heating and cooling emission of a series of terminal units for the thermal exchange (such as radiators, fan-coils, floor and ceiling radiant panels, etc.). The device is provided with a LC-display with adjustable backlight abd a sensor for room temperature measurement. The device is equipped with an integrated KNX bus communication module and is designed for wall installation on a flush mounting box. For the thermostat functions the integrated capacitive pushbuttons are used located on both sides of the display active area. The device is powered by the KNX bus line and does not require any auxiliary power supply.
Main functional characteristics
• Temperature measuring through integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on the bus
• 2-point (on/off) or proportional (PWM or continuous) room temperature regulation
• Ventilation control with continuous or 3-speed regulation
• Seasonal modes: heating and cooling with possibility of local or via bus seasonal changeover
• Operating modes: comfort, standby, economy and building protection with different setpoint for heating and cooling
• Manual or automatic control of fan-coil units with 2 or 4-pipes hydraulic distribution
• Displaying of measured and setpoint temperature (as °C or °F), alarms and errors (with alphanumeric coding)
• Window opening reporting

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